Healthy Eating Plan
with Two Weeks of Menus
and Choices by Meal

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Many healthy eating plans and books have fabulous recipes. I am sure that those meals would be wonderful if I could go to the market every day to pick up fresh ingredients for that night’s culinary creation. Unfortunately, those book authors have never sent their chef shopping at 5:00 p.m. with my three kids.

I realistically can shop once a week at two different markets. In his efforts to prevent starvation at the hands of his wife’s cooking, my husband began meal planning and grocery shopping with me on the weekends, which led to the development of some of the menu items in this healthy eating plan.

Bring the healthy food shopping list with you to purchase the ingredients in this healthy eating plan.

Out of time? Try these quick healthy meals that can be on the table in minutes!

Two Week Sample Healthy Eating Plan

 Day  Breakfast  Morning snack  Lunch  Afternoon snack  Dinner
 Monday  Cereal,sliced orange, milk, water  Yogurt  Turkey on wheat with lettuce, tomato, mustard, carrot sticks, sliced fresh fruit in season, water  Handful of almonds and a few dried apricots  White Bean Chicken Chili cooked on Sunday, salsa, milk
 Tuesday  Oatmeal with raisins and pecans, milk  Melon cubes and cheddar cheese  PBJ with sugar snap peas or leftover chicken chili  Red, orange, yellow peppers with hummus  Leftover White Bean Chicken Chili OR hamburgers/turkey burgers, lettuce tomato, wheat bun. Green bean salad with crumbled blue cheese(Boil eggs for Wednesday)
 Wednesday  Hardboiled eggs (cooked on Tuesday night), whole grain english muffin, OJ  Trail mix with almonds, walnuts, raisins, dried apricots and cereal  Yogurt Surprise, left over green bean salad  Cottage cheese and pear  Fish tacos on corn tortilla, black beans,avocado,tomato, salsa, shredded lettuce
 Thursday  Cheese toast and fruit smoothie  Power bar  Turkey avocado sandwich  Peanut butter on celery  Leftover extravaganza or spinach lentil curry with brown rice
 Friday  Cereal, milk, fruit  Cheese stick and grapes  Lean roast beef sandwich with horseradish spread, fruit, edamame beans  Yogurt parfait with fresh fruit  Lemon Taragon Chicken with a spinach or green salad or chicken with tomato sauce, feta, orzo(make enough chicken for Friday and Saturday)
 Saturday  Powercakes, milk, fruit  Cashew butter on cracker with strawberries  Leftover pasta or cheese quesadilla on corn tortilla with salsa, fruit, and veggie.  Bag of cereal and glass of milk  Spinach feta strawberry salad topped with grilled chicken strips
 Sunday  Microwave scrambled eggs with pumpkin muffins, milk, fruit  Cottage cheese and apples  Turkey bacon BLT with mustard.  Fruit smoothie  Steakwith sweet potato fries (boil egg for Monday snack)
 Monday  Cereal and muffins, milk, fruit  Handful of almonds  Chopped salad with turkey,or turkey rolls with white bean salad and milk  Hard boiled egg and piece of whole wheat bread  Leftover steak with tortillas, black beans, avocado or fast guacamole, salsa, lowfat sour cream
 Tuesday  Cold Oatmeal Muesli, milk,  Edamame beans  Almond butter and jelly sandwich, carrots, fruit  Red, orange, yellow peppers with hummus  Asparagus Pasta Toss or tortellini, green salad
 Wednesday  Peanut butter "power" toast, milk  Cheese stick and handful of crackers  Tuna and bell pepper pita pocket sandwich  Power bar  Fast jambalaya with black and kidney beans
 Thursday  Yogurt bowl with nuts  Turkey roll with cream cheese  Leftover jambalaya  Peanut butter and crackers  Waffle sandwiches and tomato soup
 Friday  Breakfast tortilla with cheese, salsa and black beans  Handful of walnuts  Ham sandwich with lettuce or spinach leaves, fruit, sliced red pepper  Glass of milk and a piece of fruit  Veggie pizza or grilled chicken pizza
 Saturday  Cereal with zucchini muffins, fruit, milk  Trail mix with almonds, raisins, dried apricots and cereal  Leftover pizza, fruit  Fruit smoothie  Baked Fish Veracruz with Mexican Cobb Salad
 Sunday  Power waffles, fruit, milk  Power bar  Chicken salad with nuts, apples and yogurt  Yogurt  Tortilla pie with chicken

Healthy Eating Plan Choices by Meal

Healthy Eating Plan Breakfast Choices

Cereal with milk
Oatmeal with raisins and pecans
Cold Oatmeal yogurt muesli
Cheese toast
Power toast
Breakfast tortilla wrap
Healthy egg bake with lean ham
Microwave Scrambled eggs
Peanut butter and banana
Peanut butter and jelly sandwich
Pancakes with flax (power cakes)
Waffles with flax (power waffles)
Moist pumpkin muffins
Best zucchini muffins
Healthy Blueberry Muffins
Healthy muffin with cranberries, raisins, and walnuts
Scones with flax
Fresh or no-sugar-added frozen fruit
Healthy fruit smoothies

Healthy Eating Plan Lunch Choices

Turkey/ham sandwich on wheat bread with spinach leaves
Lulu's Special: Ham, Avocado, and Tomato
Turkey avocado sandwich
BLT with Turkey Bacon and mustard
Lean roast beef sandwich with horseradish spread
Leftover grilled veggie sandwich with goat cheese or feta cheese
Tuna and bell pepper pita pocket sandwich
Yogurt Surprise-Plain yogurt with frozen fruit, nuts, and/or honey Part of the Mediterranean Feast meal
Quesadilla on corn tortilla with pinto beans and salsa
Grilled cheese
Meat rolls
Almond butter and jelly
Peanut butter and jelly
Chicken salad mixed with apple and yogurt with nuts
Edamame chicken salad
Shrimp salad stuffed tomato
Falafel ball, hummus, shredded carrots, cucumber, and lettuce in a pita pocket.
Shrimp salad stuffed tomato
Shrimp, corn and black bean salad
Fast chicken noodle soup
Asparagus pasta toss
White bean salad

Healthy Diet Plan Snack Choices
Smooth and/or Sweet Snacks
1. An ounce of cheese or cheese stick
2. Hard boiled egg
3. Yogurt-- Plain with a teaspoon of fruit spread
4. Yogurt parfait with fresh fruit
5. Glass of Milk
6.”Baked” cinnamon apples -- put sliced apples in the microwave for 2 minutes until soft. Top with cinnamon.
7. Fruit smoothie
8. Frozen (no sugar added) fruit
9. Frozen fruit popsicles
10. Yogurt stick, frozen, with NO high fructose corn syrup (try Stonyfield Farm Organic)
11. Power Bar -- I prefer Clif Luna bars or Zbars for the kids.
12. Healthy blueberry muffin
13. Moist pumpkin muffins
14. Best zucchini muffins
15. Pureed frozen fruit, especially no sugar added frozen mango (great in the summer--it's like sherbet).

Crunchy and/or Salty Snacks
1. Red, yellow, orange bell peppers with hummus
2. Sugar snap peas and carrots with hummus
3. Edamame beans
4. Pear slices with 1/2 oz of blue cheese
5. Cottage cheese and apples
6. Peanut butter and celery
7. Peanut butter and crackers
8. Peanut butter on a banana
9. Crunchy peanut butter on apple slices (thanks Bj)
10. Cashew butter on crackers with fruit
11. Peel and slice a banana in half lengthwise. Spread each slice with 1 tsp soy or sunflower seed butter. Top with a line of fresh blueberries. This is a nut-free, gluten free, dairy free snack packed with protein, fiber and antioxidants. (Thanks Angela)
12. Handful of whole almonds
13. Trail mix with almonds, raisins, dried apricots, cereal
14. Piece of whole fruit with a few whole walnuts
15. Dried apricots with whole shelled walnuts
16. 2 slices of turkey wrapped around 2 bread and butter pickles
17. Apple slices rolled in swiss cheese and turkey
18. Meat roll (turkey,ham,lean roast beef) spread with light cream cheese and shredded carrots
19. Bowl of cereal and milk
20. Bag of cereal for on-the-go
21. A cup of low sodium chicken and vegetable soup with 3 whole wheat crackers.
22. 1 mini bag of “smart pop” microwave popcorn with a spritz of butter spray and 1 tsp sugar
Click here for more snack information.

Healthy Eating Plan Dinner Choices

White bean chicken chili
Jambalaya with chicken sausage and kidney beans
Chicken with tomatoes and feta
Spinach salad with chicken strips
Any salad with chicken strips
Grilled chicken pizza
Tortilla pie
Baked chicken with taragon
Steak a la Olga with “fries”
Healthy meatloaf
Steak burritos with black beans, avocado, salsa and low fat sour cream
Easy marinated steak with vinegar and strawberry feta salad
Asparagus pasta toss
Turkey burgers
Fish tacos on corn tortillas
Baked Fish Veracruz
Shrimp, corn and black bean salad
Veggie pizza
Fast shrimp ceviche
Waffle sandwiches and tomato soup
Spinach and lentil curry

Healthy Eating Plan Salads/Sides Choices

Romaine lettuce or butter lettuce with garbanzo beans, beets, walnuts, and artichoke hearts
Spinach salad with dried cranberries, red pepper, pecans, and blue cheese
Salad with strawberries, tomatoes walnuts and feta cheese
Green Bean Salad with crumbled blue cheese
Black bean salad or salsa
Sweet potato black bean salad
Sweet potato french fries
White bean salad
Easy hummus
Mexican cobb salad
Healthy chicken salad
Best healthy guacamole
Fast gazpacho soup
How to cook black beans from the bag

Healthy Fast Meals

1. Waffle Sandwiches
2. Mediterranean Feast
3. Breakfast for Dinner
4. Asian-themed Dinner
5. Italian Antipasto Platter
6. Chicken Edamame Bean Salad

Healthy Eating Plan Desserts

Carrot almond torte
Pear walnut torte

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