What is the Best
Healthy Breakfast Cereal?

Trying to find the best healthy breakfast cereal in that long aisle of cereal at the grocery store is very intimidating.

healthy breakfast cereal

Especially when I have my three “experts” with me who love the bright colored boxes with the pictures of tigers and leprechauns.

Why don’t the healthy cereals have pretty pictures, mascots, and prizes? Have you ever seen a five year old child begging for a box of All-Bran?

I purchase breakfast cereals with no more than six grams of sugar. Why six grams? Because if I cut it off at five, the only thing I would be eating is Cheerios with my five year old, and bran cereal with my 88 year old father.

I found many great tasting cereals available with six grams of sugar per serving or less, but when I looked at the nutritional panel, the numbers looked low. Or if the numbers were high, the cereal contained high fructose corn syrup. Some advertised healthy breakfast cereals that meet many of my requirements are not fortified with vitamins and minerals. I might as well be eating hay for fiber.

In general if a cereal has less than 45% of the RDA of iron, it does not contain many other nutrients. In my mind, this eliminates many “natural” cereals from my list.

Great Healthy Cereal Choices

Cheerios Regular Flavor – General Mills
Multi Grain Cheerios – General Mills
Wheat Chex – General Mills
Rice Chex – General Mills
Corn Chex – General Mills
Crispix - Kelloggs
Honey Bunches of Oats, Regular flavor - Post
Kix – General Mills
Life, Regular Flavor – Quaker Oats

Add This to Your Cereal to Make it Better

1. To make your cereal even better and to keep your tummy feeling fuller throughout the morning, add a protein such as nuts to your cereal. A few pecans, walnuts, or almonds on top will add some protein to the start of your day.

2. Mix your cereal with plain yogurt, fresh fruit, and nuts for a breakfast parfait.

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